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Part-time CFO support on an as-needed basis

Could your organization benefit from having a CFO at a fraction of the cost? 

Do you feel overwhelmed with the financial aspects of your organization, not allowing you to focus your energies on the things that you do best?


Do you have timely & helpful financial reports? Do they give you the information you need? Are you confident you can rely on them?

Do you need to focus your scarce resources into programs and save on administrative costs?


Do you have difficulty making big-picture decisions because you don’t have a clear financial story?

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On-site and/or remote support to Executive Directors and their staff that will ...

Assure accuracy of restricted funds, improve budgeting processes, and work with you to better manage capital projects.


Maintain reliable, relevant and timely information and processes are in place that maximize the efficiency of your staff resources.

Review financial reporting structure and guide you on how to use the reports to your organization’s advantage in decision-making and helping to tell your organization’s “story.”


Analyze your internal reports, audits, and IRS Form 990 — so they serve YOU as well as external stakeholders.

Provide periodic reviews of financial reports with your organization’s top executives and/or board of directors.

Improve your business processes for increased efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness — saving your organization valuable resources to put toward your mission.

So, are you ready to give this a try? Here’s how it works ...

I will come to you, on your schedule, at your site, to review your financial records and interact with your people, to answer questions on the spot.


I will work with you to structure services that meet your needs and time-frame, from coming to your site several days a week, or on a monthly-basis, for on-going support or for a single project-based consultation.

I am affordable & competitive at $125/hour, compared with other professional consultation fees.

Additional specialized services that David Toman Advisory Services offers to suit your organization’s specific needs & mission ...
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• Advise on your current strategic plan, or help you build your next one.


• Align your organization’s goals to best achieve its mission, and then measure your successes compared to the plan.

• Strategize on your organization structure and processes for input and decisions.

• Review your compensation and benefits compared to other organizations.

• Provide oversight for your large capital projects; coordinate design and build teams; and manage and track your budget and project scope.

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• Build a comprehensive strategy focused on meaningful change to lower your organization’s carbon footprint and improve its overall environmental impact.


• Assess your organization’s use of energy, materials, water, waste stream and diversion, transportation, and other business aspects like investment policies that have a direct or indirect impact on the environment. Determine targeted opportunities for improvement and build a plan to take purposeful action.


• Establish an oversight and “make it happen” team. Determine how sustainability becomes part of the multi-level decision process across your departments. Develop policies and procedures within the plan to implement the new strategy while getting your full team on-board!


• Communicate the new strategies so all stakeholders can participate in the success together.

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